The Fourth Player video game podcast

Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) recorded this episode at Battle Arena Melbourne 6 as guests of Melbourne fighting game community Couch Warriors. We forced kids to play Def Jam Fight For NY, and they loved it. Guests include key organiser for the event, Daniel Chlebowczyk from Couch Warriors, Weird and Retro's Stacey Borg, Udon comics artist Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz, documentary maker Pabz discussing Final Knockout, a look into the Melbourne Fighting game community, Shadowlogic co-founder and fierce fighting game talent Ali "X" Abdo, and leading player in the fighting game community Xavier "DB_Somniac" Nardella. Thanks to our sponsors Games Laboratory and Razer, and our wonderful hosts, Couch Warriors. Don't forget to rate us on iTunes.

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