The Fourth Player video game podcast

In this special PAX Aus 2015 panel, Paul was invited to talk role playing games by veteran tabletop RPG GM and host Anthony Stiller [Creator, MicroAnt], joined by panelists Wade Dyer [Manager, Design Ministries], David Hollingworth [Digital Editor, Next Media], Tania Walker [Illustrator, Small Island Studio] and Nick Carruthers [Evil Mastermind].  

What does it take to be a great tabletop RPG GM? Our panel tackled this difficult question with key aspects on how to level up your GMing skills. Tapping into decades of experience we covered the use of props, campaign building, doing improv, running games at cons, and other tips to help get the best out of your group and yourself. A fun, informative, and interactive panel for fledgling to grognard GMs (and players!) alike.

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