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In this episode Paul, Ben, Max and Nathan discuss D4, the latest oddball adventure from Deadly Premonition creator Swery. Paul jumps into the living toy space with Disney Infinity 2.0 and everyone has chimes in on the presentation of the mundane in videogames. Apologies to the families of both Nat King Cole and Nina Simone for Paul's musical confusion.

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This episode, Nathan, Ben and Max are joined by Steven 'Bajo' O'Donnell from ABC TV's Good Game to discuss all things space related in the world of videogames. From the launch of Bungie's hotly anticipated Destiny, to Ben's furtive forays into the Mass Effect universe - the Fourth Player team strap in and set out on a podcast of truly intergalactic proportions.

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This episode Paul, Nathan, Max and special guest star Jamie "Galalagalaga" Galea from New Game Plus congregate to discuss superd RPG Divinty Original Sin, great simple story telling done well in P.T Silent Hills, and the treatment of death in games including Dark Souls, The Swapper, Rouge Legacy and more. Thanks to our wonderful listeners for some great emails, where we chat about the change in hardware for the new 3DS, and announce our PAX Aus 2014 panel. Do as NBA Jam taught; stay in school, and play a positive role in your community.

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