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In this episode, Paul and Max are joined by returning guest Stephen Heller from Surprise Attack Games and Pixels for Breakfast to talk 2015 in review. Year of the pony, Rebel Galaxy, Rocket League, Lego Dimensions, Waluigi, beards, unsung heroes, Nintendo working out how games as service works, and bits you may have missed. We shed limelight on games deserving love and your time, and pray to Jesus-Santa hoping her will grant our 2016 hopes and dreams. Thanks for your support this year folks, remember to subscribe, visit Games Laboratory and be good to each other. 

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In this episode, Paul, Nathan and Max talk 'splosions, liberation and open-world building in Avalanche Studios' Just Cause 3, and Defiant Development's deckbuilding tabletop RPG Hand of Fate which scratches that singleplayer boardgaming itch. We discuss the announcement of Psychonauts 2 and whether major indies like Double Fine should be playing in the crowd funding space, and answer some listener email on the topic of microtransactions in seasonal releases; are they ruining games? Ben is on holidays, so this episode contains 90% less ums. 

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max talk EA DICE's Star Wars Battlefront and how an arcade shooter can walk the line of fan service and a modern shooter. Ban and Nathan have been playing Paladins, a new arena shooter from Hi-Rez Studios and discuss what it brings to a crowded table. We answer listener email on the subject of good party games, and bid Ben farewell on his honeymoon in the only way we know how. 

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In this episode Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max talk capitalism and the collapse of the housing market thanks to Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer and Bethesda's Fallout 4. Watching Fallout squeeze modern game mechanics into an ageing engine, Nathan and Paul tell tales of their exploits in the Boston wasteland, Max shares his adventures in Japan, while Ben recounts his favourite moments of PAX Aus. Tom Nook is history's greatest monster.

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In this special PAX Aus 2015 panel, Paul was invited to talk role playing games by veteran tabletop RPG GM and host Anthony Stiller [Creator, MicroAnt], joined by panelists Wade Dyer [Manager, Design Ministries], David Hollingworth [Digital Editor, Next Media], Tania Walker [Illustrator, Small Island Studio] and Nick Carruthers [Evil Mastermind].  

What does it take to be a great tabletop RPG GM? Our panel tackled this difficult question with key aspects on how to level up your GMing skills. Tapping into decades of experience we covered the use of props, campaign building, doing improv, running games at cons, and other tips to help get the best out of your group and yourself. A fun, informative, and interactive panel for fledgling to grognard GMs (and players!) alike.

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This episode, Nathan, Ben and Paul head to PAX AUS 2015! Join the team as they speak to a variety of developers at Australia's biggest games expo. We speak to Naughty Dog about the hotly anticipated Uncharted 4, uncover a massive wealth of talent in Australia's indy scene and Ben has not one but two close encounters with sharks.

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As part of PAX Aus 2015, The Fourth Player presents a panel called Life After Death: What Happens When Studios, Publishers & Media Die. Working in videogames can be a tough gig. When a studio, publisher, or media outlet dies, the consequences are felt by the people who work there and the wider community. But death isn't the end. Find out what comes next.

Paul and Ben are joined by a panel of games industry people including former developer Mark Morrison, former Interplay and current IGDA head Tony Reed, Hyper Magazine editor Daniel Wilks, and former Atomic magazine editor David Hollingworth.

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max talk Spike Lee's debut in the NBA 2K16 series with his 'unique' approach to narrative in sports games. Paul tries to convince the team that Lego Dimensions is a good thing, and makes his case for his bricktastic adventures made for grown ups. The group topic is inspired by Nathan's time with Destiny in 2015, and how games change post launch. Don't go below the rim. The humming you are pretending to not hear in the background is the hovering ghost of Spike Lee. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Lamar Odom. 

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max talk about the open-world madness of Mad Max, and we hear stories of Paul and Nathan's recent visit to EB Expo in Sydney where they played lots of games including PlayStation VR and Star Wars Battlefront.

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In this episode, Paul, Nathan and Max are joined by guest Stephen Heller from Pixels for Breakfast to talk about games which have tried to cross genres, some succeeding and some failing. Max has been raiding tombs in Lara Croft GO, Paul has been making Marios in Super Mario Maker, Nathan and Stephen have been Phantoming Pain in Metal Gear. Remember to eat you pickles for breakfast, kids. Thanks to our sponsors Games Laboratory and our friends at

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