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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max talk adventure games and what makes them special, driven by the latest King's Quest release from The Odd Gentlemen. Paul is off to PAX Prime, and we answer some listener email on the topic of eddible Pokemon. Thanks to and our sponsor Games Laboratory.

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) get back together in their new home of The Arcade in Melbourne to talk artstyles in games with the release of Yoshi's Wooly World. Max experienced the International 2015 for Dota2 at the recent local screening, and discusses his take on the state of the game. We answer some wonderful listener emails, including one about Persona. Beautiful like a walrus punch on the floor.

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) sit down to chat about the latest ineration of Rocksteady Studio's series, Batman Arkham Knight. The group topic this week is game franchises like Batman that have been passed around different development studios; for better and for worse. We answer some great and questionable listener email. Thanks to our friends at and our sponsors Games Laboratory. Nathan loves the Wii Fit lady trainer, the outro proves it.

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