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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max talk Spike Lee's debut in the NBA 2K16 series with his 'unique' approach to narrative in sports games. Paul tries to convince the team that Lego Dimensions is a good thing, and makes his case for his bricktastic adventures made for grown ups. The group topic is inspired by Nathan's time with Destiny in 2015, and how games change post launch. Don't go below the rim. The humming you are pretending to not hear in the background is the hovering ghost of Spike Lee. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Lamar Odom. 

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max talk about the open-world madness of Mad Max, and we hear stories of Paul and Nathan's recent visit to EB Expo in Sydney where they played lots of games including PlayStation VR and Star Wars Battlefront.

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