The Fourth Player video game podcast

In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max address the rise of the auteur with the release of first-person puzzler The Witness and first-person walker Firewatch. In the footsteps of Myst and Gone Home, these two games have captured conversation and we talk about how their development impacts what they offer as an experience. We answer listener email on the biggest let down we've experienced in pre-release hype. Thanks to our friends at, Games Laboratory and Plantronics.   

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max rejoin to kick off the year with talk of delightful vaudeville turn based steam-western Steamworld Heist, turning on fellow humans in The Division, and things answer listener emails to discuss we hope dies in a fire and never returns to the land of videogames. Thanks to our friends at, Plantronics Gaming. Nathan's preferred tissues are kleenex.

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