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In this episode, Paul, Ben and Nathan form a post-Easter break trinity to talk sick adventures, farming and questionable genocide in Stardew Valley, cunning linguists and animal training in FarCry Primal, and ponder the fate of VR at the launch of the Occulus Rift. We answer some listener email, talk about exciting plans for our live 100th episode set for June 4 in Melbourne, and learn of Nathan's virtual wife. Thanks to our friends at Games Laboratory, and Plantronics.

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In this episode, Paul, Nath and Max are joined by the dulcet tones and fabuolous hair of returning guest Tim Best from Mighty Games to qualify human suffering in Ubisoft Massive's The Division. Drawing on experiences from Fallout: New Vegas, Diplomacy, D&D, Pathfinder, FarCry Primal, Survivor ORGs and Ultima Online, we discuss how games best represent threat and treachery, and how AI and players instil dread by aping our own dark behaviours. We're not gon diss you in the Dark Zone. Cause our mamas taught us better than that. Thanks to our friends at Games Laboratory and

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In this episode, Paul, Ben and Nathan butt-tackle topics alongside returning guest Daniel "BezerkDC" Chlebowczyk including public and critical response to Street Fighter V. Discussing the state of play for games-as-service including Splatoon and Street Fighter, the crew also talk about puzzling through The Witness, SEGA's latest grab for attention, and which Kevin Spacey runs the world in Advanced Warfare. Thanks to our friends at Plantronics, and Games Laboratory. 

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