The Fourth Player video game podcast (general)

After a little hiatus, the fourth player team is back and better than ever... or at least, the same as ever. Which is still good right?

In this episode Ben regales us with his time in Fortnite, Paul scratches his action RPG itch with Inquisitor and the team discuss the techniques games use to maintain long term play.

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Cute little piggies, giant dragons and more body part based weaponry than a David Cronenberg film. Yes, Monster Hunter is back. In addition to discussing the latest entry in Capcom's storied franchise, Paul, Ben and Nathan give their thoughts on the Nintendo Labo and the delightful narrative mobile game Florence. 

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With Nathan off ingesting miniature paints or something, it's up to the rest of the team to dig deep into the open world of NBA 2K 2018 while Max regales everyone with tales of debauchery from his related press trip. In addition Ben gets a master class in eSports and seemingly comes out none-the-wiser for it. Contains traces of Boyz 2 Men.

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Join the team as Paul and Max spar over Bioware's latest Mass Effect entry and Ben get's his melee on with For Honor. And then, for a bit of extra flavour, we dive into the relationship of the Snorks and the Smurfs for some reason.

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Move over Breath of the Wild, Nathan is declaring your time in the sun as 2017's best game is over with the arrival of Yoko Taro's NieR: Automata. In addition, the team analyse the fan and critical reaction to the latest entry in the Mass Effect franchise - Andromeda. 

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In this special episode Paul teams up with friend of the podcast Henry T. Casey over a few drinks in New York City. Listen as the two discuss wrestling, their origins in gaming, and more.

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With Paul joining Frank West on his last hurrah with Dead Rising 4, he and the rest of the team take a moment to reflect on the right and wrong ways to end long running franchises. On a slightly less amusing note, the team also delve into the controversy surrounding Pewdiepie and why no tears are being shed over his current woes.

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It's Dark Souls time again except it isn't. Paul jumps in to Team Ninja's stellar take on the franchise - Nioh, while Max gets ready to make a splash in competitive esports with Smite tactics. We also take the time to discuss the end of an era with the axing of Good Game.

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The Nintendo Switch is coming and the boys from The Fourth Player are coming at you with their first impressions after an extensive hands on showing of the new console. Kick off the new year right with a look at what may be Nintendo's most controversial console yet.

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With the end of the year upon us, it's time to reflect on the most important things in our lives... video games. Max delves deep into the life of an assassin with the episodic Hitman and Nathan demands Santa deliver him a puppy-cat for Christmas thanks to The Last Guardian. The boys also discuss the year that was and answer lots of listener email.

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Join the lads this episode as Paul delves deep into the mysterious world of hacking and social change via Watchdogs 2 (with, thankfully, no Aiden Pierce) while Nathan slaps a saddle on a chicken and goes chocobo riding in the oft-delayed Final Fantasy XV. Also discover the answer to the big question of the day - Which WWE/WWF wrestler would make the best Santa.

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It feels like it's been forever but the team is all back together again to talk gaming. This episode, Paul dives into the Skyrim remaster and experiences the joys of modding. Meanwhile Nathan joins forces with BT in Titanfall 2 and discusses with the rest of the team why its release has been so problematic. 

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It's PAX AUS time! Join Nathan as he explores the halls of the latest iteration of Australia's largest games convention. Featuring interviews with journo-cum-dev Dan Hindes, Hand of Fate 2's Morgan Jaffit and boardgame artist extrordinaire Ian O'Toole. Not to mention our very special guest - a tired and overworked Paul Houlihan.

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Grab your motion controllers, slap a helmet on your head and join the Ben and Paul as they enter the realm of VR - discussing both the Playstation VR and Occulus Rift line up. While the others look to the future, Nathan looks to the past with his first impressions of history simulator Civilization VI.

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Cars, ghosts and Lego, oh my. Breathe deep on the petrol fumes of Forza Horizon 3, bust ghosts with the latest entry in Lego Dimensions, and ponder the question of franchise innovation with The Fourth Player team. No Tracy Chapman's were harmed in the recording of this podcast.

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With everyone back in the same room again, the team turn their eyes to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided,  then reminisce about days gone by as Paul experiences his first ever LAN. Warning: Podcast may contain ranting Nathans.

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As Ben sits patiently at home awaiting the imminent arrival of his newborn, Paul, Max and Nathan take this opportunity to gush about the Shin Megami Tensei franchise - specifically Persona 3 and Tokyo Mirage Sessions. We also revisit media's reaction to Nintendo's upcoming console.

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With Paul away with what we can only assume is consumption - Max, Ben and Nathan explore space in No Man's Sky, swipe left in Reigns and learn about hentai sub-genres. We're as confused as you.

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Just like the Beatles after a meeting with Mark Chapman, the team of The Fourth Player is down a member this week. So join Ben, Max and Nathan as they talk Double Fine's Head Lander, the Nintendo NX and Overwatch. No hair was harmed in the recording of this episode.

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In this episode Paul, Ben and Nathan discuss covenants, fetishisation, death and souls in FromSoftware's Dark Souls 3, Paul's adventures at PAX East 2016 checking out asymmetrical murder simulator Dead by Daylight, Wes Anderson point and drag Burly Men At Sea, and Twitch-powered Runningman social experiment Streamline. We talk more about episode 100 which will be recorded live in front of an audience on June 4 at Games Laboratory in Melbourne. Thanks to our friends at

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max rejoin to kick off the year with talk of delightful vaudeville turn based steam-western Steamworld Heist, turning on fellow humans in The Division, and things answer listener emails to discuss we hope dies in a fire and never returns to the land of videogames. Thanks to our friends at, Plantronics Gaming. Nathan's preferred tissues are kleenex.

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and returning guest Tim Best from Mighty Games Group talk new year resolutions for 2016; what we hope to see and pray we won't. Nathan admits to playing Senran Kagura, and we discuss how games opting for deliberate art style and mechanics court controversy. Ben shares his FarCry3 experiences while his honeymoon; punching turtles, sharks, pigs, big lizards, Batman pinatas. We discuss our hopes for 2016 in gaming; what we think will and won't happen. Thanks to our friends at Plantronics, Games Laboratory and We are still getting over Bowie, so listen to the outro and we'll have a quiet cry together. 

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In this episode, Paul and Max are joined by returning guest Stephen Heller from Surprise Attack Games and Pixels for Breakfast to talk 2015 in review. Year of the pony, Rebel Galaxy, Rocket League, Lego Dimensions, Waluigi, beards, unsung heroes, Nintendo working out how games as service works, and bits you may have missed. We shed limelight on games deserving love and your time, and pray to Jesus-Santa hoping her will grant our 2016 hopes and dreams. Thanks for your support this year folks, remember to subscribe, visit Games Laboratory and be good to each other. 

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In this episode, Paul, Nathan and Max talk 'splosions, liberation and open-world building in Avalanche Studios' Just Cause 3, and Defiant Development's deckbuilding tabletop RPG Hand of Fate which scratches that singleplayer boardgaming itch. We discuss the announcement of Psychonauts 2 and whether major indies like Double Fine should be playing in the crowd funding space, and answer some listener email on the topic of microtransactions in seasonal releases; are they ruining games? Ben is on holidays, so this episode contains 90% less ums. 

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max talk EA DICE's Star Wars Battlefront and how an arcade shooter can walk the line of fan service and a modern shooter. Ban and Nathan have been playing Paladins, a new arena shooter from Hi-Rez Studios and discuss what it brings to a crowded table. We answer listener email on the subject of good party games, and bid Ben farewell on his honeymoon in the only way we know how. 

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In this episode Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max talk capitalism and the collapse of the housing market thanks to Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer and Bethesda's Fallout 4. Watching Fallout squeeze modern game mechanics into an ageing engine, Nathan and Paul tell tales of their exploits in the Boston wasteland, Max shares his adventures in Japan, while Ben recounts his favourite moments of PAX Aus. Tom Nook is history's greatest monster.

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In this special PAX Aus 2015 panel, Paul was invited to talk role playing games by veteran tabletop RPG GM and host Anthony Stiller [Creator, MicroAnt], joined by panelists Wade Dyer [Manager, Design Ministries], David Hollingworth [Digital Editor, Next Media], Tania Walker [Illustrator, Small Island Studio] and Nick Carruthers [Evil Mastermind].  

What does it take to be a great tabletop RPG GM? Our panel tackled this difficult question with key aspects on how to level up your GMing skills. Tapping into decades of experience we covered the use of props, campaign building, doing improv, running games at cons, and other tips to help get the best out of your group and yourself. A fun, informative, and interactive panel for fledgling to grognard GMs (and players!) alike.

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As part of PAX Aus 2015, The Fourth Player presents a panel called Life After Death: What Happens When Studios, Publishers & Media Die. Working in videogames can be a tough gig. When a studio, publisher, or media outlet dies, the consequences are felt by the people who work there and the wider community. But death isn't the end. Find out what comes next.

Paul and Ben are joined by a panel of games industry people including former developer Mark Morrison, former Interplay and current IGDA head Tony Reed, Hyper Magazine editor Daniel Wilks, and former Atomic magazine editor David Hollingworth.

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max talk Spike Lee's debut in the NBA 2K16 series with his 'unique' approach to narrative in sports games. Paul tries to convince the team that Lego Dimensions is a good thing, and makes his case for his bricktastic adventures made for grown ups. The group topic is inspired by Nathan's time with Destiny in 2015, and how games change post launch. Don't go below the rim. The humming you are pretending to not hear in the background is the hovering ghost of Spike Lee. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Lamar Odom. 

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max talk about the open-world madness of Mad Max, and we hear stories of Paul and Nathan's recent visit to EB Expo in Sydney where they played lots of games including PlayStation VR and Star Wars Battlefront.

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In this episode, Paul, Nathan and Max are joined by guest Stephen Heller from Pixels for Breakfast to talk about games which have tried to cross genres, some succeeding and some failing. Max has been raiding tombs in Lara Croft GO, Paul has been making Marios in Super Mario Maker, Nathan and Stephen have been Phantoming Pain in Metal Gear. Remember to eat you pickles for breakfast, kids. Thanks to our sponsors Games Laboratory and our friends at

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) get back together in their new home of The Arcade in Melbourne to talk artstyles in games with the release of Yoshi's Wooly World. Max experienced the International 2015 for Dota2 at the recent local screening, and discusses his take on the state of the game. We answer some wonderful listener emails, including one about Persona. Beautiful like a walrus punch on the floor.

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max talk false starts with the release of Driveclub on PlayStation Plus and how Evolution Studio's racer marks a black spot for future driving games, and discuss the enormous impact recently deceased Nintendo CEO and programmer Satoru Iwata had on the games industry and how his vision helped shape Nintendo. We answer some listener email and Nathan has a sharp haircut. Thanks to our sponsors Games Laboratory and our friends at



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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) return to talk indie game darling and FMV torchbearer Her Story, the rise and rise in popularity of non-traditional games like FEZ and Gone Home development, and we answer some wonderfully strange listener emails. Paul talks about his recent adventures in Japan. Thanks to our sponsors Games Laboratory and our friends at

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max discuss the process of developing a video game and how Quality Assurance influences the final product, how to get into a storied series like Persona, the problems with iOS games, and respond to listener emails about how to handle analysis paralisis and assigning the team appropriate elemental super powers. Thanks to our sponsor Games Laboratory, the power is yours.  

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In this episode, Paul, Nathan and Max discuss the unique flavour and portrayal of non-US cultures in Polish Developer Techland's Dying Light, the benefits of attacking monsters behind for buffs using an Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter 4, and the rise of spectator culture in eSports following Max's trip to the Asian Championships Grand Finals for DOTA2. We answer listener email about what to do with outdated consoles, and update on the latest events at sponsor Games Laboratory.

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This episode Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max get together in the spirit of Christmas to discuss unsung Games of the Year, kickabout with PES 2015, and speculate on animal warfare in Far Cry 4.

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This episode Paul, Nathan and Max are joined by former PC PowerPlay editor turned game developer Tim Best to discuss how scope and time is balanced when making a game, the impact art style has on how we relate to games, grind rails and teeth about whether Sunset Overdrive is the first party game we wanted or needed, and appreciate good stealth done right with Klei's excellent Invisible Inc.

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The Fourth Player team are joined by cosplayer, charity organiser and all round tops person Eve Beauregard. This episode the team talk about Massive Chalice, Valkyria Chronicles, the charity Medic and some insight into the world of cosplay.

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The Fourth Player team is joined by Nick Hagger of Robot Circus, freelance Journalist Patrick Stafford and James Kozanecki of Surprise Attack to discuss what they won't tell you about working in the games industry.

The Fourth Player team wrap up PAX Aus 2014 with interviews with the team behind the upcoming Ninja Pizza Girl and the developer of tabletop sound generation app, Syrinscape.

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In this episode Paul, Ben, Max and Nathan discuss D4, the latest oddball adventure from Deadly Premonition creator Swery. Paul jumps into the living toy space with Disney Infinity 2.0 and everyone has chimes in on the presentation of the mundane in videogames. Apologies to the families of both Nat King Cole and Nina Simone for Paul's musical confusion.

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This episode, Nathan, Ben and Max are joined by Steven 'Bajo' O'Donnell from ABC TV's Good Game to discuss all things space related in the world of videogames. From the launch of Bungie's hotly anticipated Destiny, to Ben's furtive forays into the Mass Effect universe - the Fourth Player team strap in and set out on a podcast of truly intergalactic proportions.

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This episode Paul, Nathan, Max and special guest star Jamie "Galalagalaga" Galea from New Game Plus congregate to discuss superd RPG Divinty Original Sin, great simple story telling done well in P.T Silent Hills, and the treatment of death in games including Dark Souls, The Swapper, Rouge Legacy and more. Thanks to our wonderful listeners for some great emails, where we chat about the change in hardware for the new 3DS, and announce our PAX Aus 2014 panel. Do as NBA Jam taught; stay in school, and play a positive role in your community.

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This episode Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max form like Voltron to discuss the good, bad and wonderful of plastic toys in our videogames with Disney Infinity 2.0. Be pleasently suprised by shoot-em-ups turning into platformers with the excellent Velocity 2x, and hear how WWE SuperCard fails free-to-play but wins fans.
We have some fantastic listener emails, and news from our sponsor Games Laboratory of  upcoming events. Thanks to Mike Waters for his email intro, and our thoughts and prayers go out to Bill at this time, the Indiana Colts and Pacers. We wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavours. Also, congrats to Ben for getting engaged!

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This episode Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max celebrate our 50th episode, thanks to our fantastic listeners and supporters. Fresh from Cannon Brawl and Destiny, the topic this episode is Betas; what really changes between testing and release, and their purpose. Max delves back into Dota 2, and as always we share some fantastic listener emails, and news from our sponsor Games Laboratory of great upcoming events. Thanks to Mike Waters for lending us his musical talents.

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This episode Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max explore the world of sports videogames and the flip-side of that coin – eSports. With the release of MLB 14 The Show and EA Sports’ hotly anticipated UFC, the team thought it high time to reflect on the sporting game genre and some of our old favourites. We also jump into the subject of eSports thanks to the recent DOTA 2 International and Evo competitions doing their best to throttle our download speeds with excessive streaming. As always we have reader emails and updates of upcoming events hosted by our proud sponsor Games Laboratory. No John Williamsons were harmed in the production of this podcast.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) talk comfort gaming during the colder months, and why Steam sales have changed the way we consume games. Nathan raises a glass and sheds a tear for the gorgeous Valiant Hearts: The Great War. Paul questions bunny rabbit and cockroach genocide in Pixel’s Cave Story. We have news from the Netrunner regionals, and also announce the winner of our Android: Netrunner twitter competition. Thanks to our sponsors Games Laboratory and to our fantastic community for continuing to send in great listener email. Send your questions to and reach us on twitter at @playerfourth or

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Moi sit down to discuss E3 announcements of interest including Evolve, FarCry4, Destiny, Amiibos and Bloodborne. We talk about how co-operative mechanics influence the games we choose and how we play them, and in doing so we lovingly lurch all over superb co-op tabletop survival game Zombicide. As Mario Kart drives Nintendo back into the black, we discuss whether heralding an iterative sequel is setting the bar too low for the Big N. We have updates on upcoming events at Games Laboratory and announce a new twitter competition to win the core starter set for Android: Netrunner with thanks to Games Laboratory. Thanks to our sponsors Games Laboratory and Razer, and to our fantastic community for continuing to send in fantastic listener email.

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While the captain Paul is away, Ben, Nathan, Max (dshban) and special guest Joab Gilroy (@Joabyjojo) from Ausgamers, try and steer the merry ship that is The Fourth Player podcast! In this episode we get an in depth look at the upcoming BattleField: Hardlines from a man who has had hands on with it, the soon to be released EA’s UFC and Nathan’s favourite Nazi shooter; Wolfenstein: The New Order. The guys also wax intellectual about the new generation of consoles and whether they have yet come of age.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) return to The Fourth Player Studio B to talk multiplayer experiences and whether you need to be in the same room as your opponent to bluff and instil fear. Max displaces time, space and bullets in puzzler-FPS Superhot. Ben shares new tales of his Crusader Randy McVoltron in Diablo III. Nathan crafts towns in TownCraft, and Paul digs SteamWorld Dig. We have updates on upcoming events at Games Laboratory and announce the winner of our Razer BlackShark Twitter competition. Thanks to our sponsors Games Laboratory and Razer, and to our fantastic community for amusing listener mail.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) recorded this episode at Battle Arena Melbourne 6 as guests of Melbourne fighting game community Couch Warriors. We forced kids to play Def Jam Fight For NY, and they loved it. Guests include key organiser for the event, Daniel Chlebowczyk from Couch Warriors, Weird and Retro's Stacey Borg, Udon comics artist Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz, documentary maker Pabz discussing Final Knockout, a look into the Melbourne Fighting game community, Shadowlogic co-founder and fierce fighting game talent Ali "X" Abdo, and leading player in the fighting game community Xavier "DB_Somniac" Nardella. Thanks to our sponsors Games Laboratory and Razer, and our wonderful hosts, Couch Warriors. Don't forget to rate us on iTunes.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) reunite in our new recording studio to discuss Max's random encounter with a Level 4 Diabetes in the wilds of Japan, Nathan manages his Pawn collection in Dragon's Dogma, Paul falls for Metal Gear Solid, and Ben struggles with medication while playing a losing game of memory. We discuss upcoming events Battle Arena Melbourne 6, and some wonderful tabletop events at Games Laboratory. Thanks to our sponsors Games Laboratory and Razer, and to our fantastic community for fun reader mail. Don't forget to rate us on iTunes and Lab us on Raze games.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and special guest Daniel Chlebowczyk from Madman and fighting game community Couch Warriors talk about upcoming event Battle Arena Melbourne 6, reimagining Randy McVoltron as the new Crusader class in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, a sidescrolling shooter with a touch of Rougelike-like in Mercenary Kings, linearity in an open world with Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, storytelling through flavour and consequence in The Wolf Among Us, and answer some offensive and inoffensive reader mail. Thanks again to Razer for the great prizes for email of the episode. This episode is dedicated to a bowl of petunias and Norway.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and special guest Jamie Galea from New Game Plus talk about cyberpunk Living Card Game Netrunner, Ben's obsession with Patrick Ewing, discuss InFAMOUS: Second Son, Fall for Titanfall, lust for Dark Souls, fail to split-jump in Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and answer some wonderful reader mail. Thanks again to Razer for the great prizes for email of the episode.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) hang out to discuss South Park: The Stick of Truth, strategy boardgame turned videogame Lords of Waterdeep, and get fresh with Dark Souls II and the Dark Souls series. We have some excellent reader email, award another email of the episode thanks to the good folks at Razer and discuss future plans for The Fourth Player.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) return to chat about vulnerability in videogame protagonists and length in The Last of Us DLC and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, build a better community in Banished, tempt fear with Outlast and drink our own blood in Castlevania: Lord of Shadows 2. Thanks to our listeners for some excellent reader mail, and we award our first ever email of the episode. Wet and or Wild.

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Paul, Nathan and Max (dshban) fuse to fuss over fictional deities, form like Voltron and rock em' sock em' with the Titanfall Beta, wax litigious in Castle Doctrine, Punk Jazz in JazzPunk and mine Quarries of Scred. Thanks to our amazing listeners for great reader mail.

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Paul, Ben and Nathan are joined by special guest and resident Fourth Player Science Officer Stacey "@DrCurlytek" Borg to sing shanties and ponder Gilligan's meaty balls in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, do fully sick tricks in Roll7's OlliOlli, heave cleavage and lust after beat 'em ups with Dragon's Crown, and achieve summoning sickness while tapping that in Blizzard's Hearthstone. This episode is brought to you by the raw power of science, food porn, 8-bit Spice Girls, Maximum Carnage and Digimon.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) return in 2014 to talk piracy in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, point-and-click adventures in Broken Age, sweet backforming action with Gucameelee and murdering bunnies in Don't Starve. Also some boardgaming banter and we respond to some wonderful reader mail.

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Paul, Nathan, Moi, and Max (dshban) talk THE FUTURE, Max channels Paul Walker in Need For Speed Rivals, Paul walks a line in The Walking Dead, Moi experiences weightlessness in Gravity Rush, and Nathan Whoopis his proverbial Goldberg in Ghost Trick. Props to the crazy kids for some great reader mail. Email us at

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Paul, Ben, Moi and Max (dshban) discuss the end of a long year in video games, Paul paddle-saws through Dead Rising 3, Ben wants to collect more bits in Marvel Lego Super Heroes, Moi slides into Vanquish, and Max discovers indie board game brilliance at a recent community meet up. Also some great emails from our even more great community.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) discuss the launch of the new PlayStation 4, Nathan loves him some Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Max suits up to choose-his-own-adventure with NBA 2K14, Paul goes back to the well in DC Universe Online and grits his teeth for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, and Ben dabbles in Lego Marvel Super Heroes. We have some rather good reader mail and plug the upcoming boardgames playdate at Games Laboratory. Thanks to Stacy Keibler.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) talk about the newest toy on Paul's shelf: The Xbox One. Nathan loves Path of Exile but regrets time spent with X Rebirth, Max isn't sure he likes dark stories and calls time on Football Manager, and Ben loathes Batman Arkham: Origins. Max and Nathan go to war on the chicken and egg relationship between PC and Consoles. Also some great reader mail.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) discuss the launch of the new consoles, Mary-Kate and Ashley Riding School, Nathan's final frontier in Kerbals Space Program, Max admits to actually being 11 with Skylanders Swap Force, Paul declares his love for Deus Ex Human Revolution, Ben is Batman in Arkham Orgins. Shout outs to Bob Saget.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) recorded this episode following a weekend of frivolity for Paul's Bucks party. We discussed real world and video game sports, gamesmanship on the court and field, why drunken Pathfinder isn't a good idea, Nathan Chocs his Bo in Final Fantasy XXIV: A Realm Reborn, Max gets on board with Paul's hit of Skylanders Swap Force, and some awesome reader mail. Danger zone.

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Paul, Nathan and Max (dshban) are joined by guest Moi to discuss the launch of Pokemon X & Y and going back to the pokewell, annualised sports games and why we keep going back to the, well, well. Nathan Hacks 90s net humour with Soul Hackers, and Max finished GTA V. We also talk about online. We also have some rather "special" reader emails. Apologies to Tony Danza.

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In a special bonus episode, Paul is joined by James O'Connor and David Wildgoose to talk about the Freeplay independent games festival, James' thesis on GTA IV, education through video games and opinions on GTA V, as well as some radical reader mail and twitter questions. Thanks to Danimal Cannon for his fantastic tunes for the email segment. Top Gun isn't a real movie.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) talk tone and playing dress ups in GTA V, and the hits and misses of Saints Row IV. Thanks to Danimal Cannon for his fantastic tunes for the email segment. Hot tag to Rowdy Roddy Piper

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) discuss fungal pandemics in The Last of Us, open world fun with Saints Row IV and the impending release of GTA V, the turn-based adventures of Shadowrun Returns and Nathan's nostalgic bump with Might & Magic X: Legacy. Also some amusing reader mail. Thanks to Danimal Cannon for his fantastic track Polywrath for the email segment. Props to Stand Bush, Carlos Valderrama and David Wildgoose.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) discuss heist hijinks in Payday 2, all of the sports and annualised franchises with NCAA Football, and the benefits of collecting them all and missing pieces in Disney Infinity. Also some rather good reader mail. The feelings of Paul's Disney Infinity figures were hurt in the making of this episode. Thanks to Danimal Cannon for his fantastic track Forest Gnome Shindig for the email segment.

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Paul, Ben, Max (dshban) and our clerical friend of the podcast Moi join like Voltron to discuss our experiences in Dota2, insatiable lust for Saints Row IV and our experiences as novice RPG gamers in Pathfinder. Also reader emails. Twelve d8s and a gnome were stewed in the making of this episode, which is also dedicated to Craig McLachlan, Jason Donovan, and Nathan Cock's Space Dragons. Thanks to Danimal Cannon for providing the amazing tunes in the email segment. Check out his album Roots.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) return to The Fourth Player bunker from PAX Australia to talk about their highlights from the event and most importantly introduce our youngest member to the majesty of the Def Jam series. Max sows the seeds for a cult of Dota2. This episode is dedicated to fallen homie ODB (not the wrestler) and Anders Russell.

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In this PAX Australia special, Paul appears on a gaming themed quiz show alongside developer Matt Kelly and The Age's James Dominquez to do battle with Mindscape's James Kozanecki, Alanah 'Charalanahzard' Pearce and Rebecca Fernandez. Thanks to New Game Plus for putting the event together and to the audience for being smarter than both panels combined.

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In this PAX Australia special, Paul hosts a panel titled Crafting a game series for the otaku crowd - a Dynasty of gaming Warriors. Guests include Director for studio Omega Force and 15 year industry veteran Atsushi Miyauchi, anime expert Brad "Yoshi" Jolly and Madman's Dan Chlebowczyk. The panel covers a range of topics including how Japanese developers approach design, what's changed and what the future may hold for Japanese game design.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) attend Penny Arcade Expo Australia for the full three days, catching up with amazing folks from GameArena, Kotaku, rawDLC, Mindscape, Ubisoft Toronto, Omega Force, Halfbrick and playing great games including Black Annex, Freedom Fall, Armello, Saints Row IV and checking out the Oculus Rift. Audio has been repaired since original posting and plays correctly.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) talk again about the upcoming PAX Australia convention, house pride in Animal Crossing, stealth and player choice in Hitman (not the future Hall of Famer), browser-based warfare and diplomacy in Neptune's Pride II, pick between Dota2 and League of Legends, and discuss what the future holds for digital games when the current generation ends. We have some fantastic reader mail and pay tribute to the awesomeness gifted to the video game community by Ryan Davis of Giant Bomb.

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Paul, Ben and Max (dshban) talk about the upcoming PAX Australia convention and lament our distinct lack of Nathan for the episode. The boys discuss sameness in Modern Warfare 3, spectating in Dota2 and an exercise in taking a deep breath and enjoying the little things in The Last of Us. Also reader mail from MML and discussion about when is the right time to buy into a new platform. At least three attempts to recall Kathleen Turner's name were botched during this recording.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) discuss the highlights of E3 2013, mashing the A button, gleeful weed extraction with Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the joy of stand-up arcade cabinets and the death of mid-tier publishers with Epic Mickey 2. Reader mail is dedicated to the ghosts of Chevy Chase and John Stamos. There's also some Pathfinder talk. Make a perception check against Ben's lack of initiative.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) discuss Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and confusing fiction, revisit Year 8 economics in Boom/Fortune Street, get a fix of John Carpenter and David Lynch with Alan Wake and Ben finally plays StarCraft II. Ben also trots out lame excuses for why he got smoked at Injustice: Gods Among Us at BAM5. There's also some Pathfinder talk as the first session commenced after the episode was recorded. Nathan's monk has fists of iron. IRON.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) are guests of Battle Arena Melbourne 5. Joined by guests Dan (BAM and CouchWarriors), Brad (New Game Plus) they talk MMO fremium models and the price of bacon with Neverwinter, PC title Eador Masters of the Broken World (not Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh - sorry Nathan), ponder audiences for Blood Dragon, count bit coins in Fortune/Boom Street, and of course bang on about Injustice. This episode was recorded in front of a live studio audience and Paul performed surgery on the file to bring it back to life. Seven pigs and three shards were sacrificed to give it life.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) discuss Nadeo's ShootMania Storm, Ben cheats on Paul with Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel, Max embraces his lust for middle management with Papers, Please and Paul digs deeper into RPG land with Crimson Shroud and Pathfinder. Six David Carradines and two Michael Hutchences were found in the making of this episode.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) discuss Injustice: Gods Among Us and how it compares (fairly or unfairly) to Mortal Kombat 9. Nathan and Paul attempt to educate the boys on all things Monster Hunter and Max revisits casual racism with Just Cause 2. This episode also includes some fantastic reader mail. Apologies to Imelda Marcos, Ed Boon and the entire population of Malaysia.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) discuss facing fears in FarCry3, characterisation in Tomb Raider, open world madness and sexy bass riffs in Lego City Undercover, critical receptions and expectations of big games in Bioshock Infinite and same sex dalliances in Dragon Age. Three Kirk Cameron's and two sharks wearing eye patches were slaughtered to create this podcast.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) discuss the major baseballs (yes, both of them), PS One piracy and the Wu-Tang clan, Rushes of Zerg, and confronting a fear of sharks with a silenced sniper rifle. Also reader mail about Krazzie Kows.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) discuss Paul's love of DS adventure RPG The World Ends With You, Ben rues the narrow path taken by Crysis 2, Nathan remembers fondly his time as a meat salesman in Ultima VII and Max gets the inside jokes with Mass Effect 3 DLC The Citadel. Also reader mail.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) answer some radical reader mail, compare Pokemon to STDs, ponder the next generation of consoles, endure Paul's love of open world kids games no-one else likes, embrace Ben's lust for Injustice: Gods Among Us and get spiritual with MOBA Smite. Two Dennis Hopper and three Heuy Lewis were slain in the making of this episode. Also, you should totally buy the Japan issue of HYPER magazine.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) connect power rings to form The Fourth Player and discuss indie thriller Miasmata, question the future of toy-based video games with Skylanders, revisit the bar set by Mortal Kombat 9 for single-player story-telling and summon interest in Ni No Kuni. We answer the insane ramblings of reader mail and Max gets a sweet birthday present that is older than him.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) are back together for the first time in 2013 to discuss the end of publisher THQ, the value of kids games with Lego Batman 2, indie gems from Global Game Jam 2013, the brilliance of Persona 4 The Golden, and rolling a phat nat d20 in dungeon crawler Castle Ravenloft from Wizards of the Coast. Three wolves, two zombies and a handful of pesky gargoyles were thwarted in the making of this episode.

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Paul, Ben and the returning Lord Nathan of Cocks discuss dynasty simulator Crusader Kings II and the importance of family planning, why B-grade games done well can be great with open-world game Sleeping Dogs and our perspective on the pacing of Assassin's Creed 3. Max (dshban) is out this week with wellness policy.

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Paul, Ben and Max (dshban) discuss Nintendo's newest console the Wii U, playing first-person-bludgeoner ZombiU, proof-of-concept Nintendo Land and open old wounds with New Super Mario Bros. U. We also chat about the function of DLC and how it can change player experiences with a series, focusing on our time with the Mass Effect universe. Nathan is still away but will return for the first episode of next year.

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Paul, Ben and Max (dshban) talk apocalypse survival tactics and team dynamics in IRL shooter's LARP Patient 0, turn based strategy made better for Person 4 The Golden, and learning to get past slow starts with Assassin's Creed 3. Nathan is off sick this week, so we close with a track from The Flaming Lips in tribute.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) talk nefarious ranged attacks in Disney MMOs, stealth attacks with fire axes in Hitman Absolution, the art of punching sharks and wallet craft in Far Cry 3, and the use of space in open world games with Red Dead Redemption. The memory of the artists formerly know as Bros, four nuns and nine cream pies were splattered in the making of this episode.

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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) discuss the merits of user generated content with WWE '13, how Ninja Theory raised the bar with their futuristic take on Monkey Magic, why it's okay to be a Brony, and a little game called Halo 4 that signposts the end of this console generation. Seventeen ponies and twelve Buddhist monks were harmed in the making of this episode.

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The Fourth Player - Ep.1

Welcome to the first episode of The Fourth Player, a video game podcast from the mouths and minds of people from the land of the video game. Developers, marketers, journalists and players talk about our experiences with the games we love and loathe. Contents include Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban). We discuss Borderlands 2, Hotline Miami, Dishonored and SimGolf. No Bulbasaurs or Skylanders were compromised in the making of this episode.

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