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It’s 2018 and the team is back with a brand-new episode. Listen as Max regales all with his attempts to re-enact as much as Persona 5 as possible during his trip to Japan. For his part, Nathan talks about life as a vacuum cleaner in Rumu; in addition to his strange forays into the terrifying world of Doki Doki Literature Club. To round things off, the team discuss what’s getting them hot under the collar for games in 2018. Happy new year!

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With 2017 coming to a close for The Fourth Player team, the guys have gotten together to let you know their thoughts on the year overall, and to highlight their personal top five games for the year. Merry Christmas!

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PAX is over for another year, in lieu of our usual on the ground coverage, the team take the time to reflect on their experiences. In addition, the crew discuss the recently released Hand of Fate 2, Shadow of War and hat game of the year, Mario Odyssey.

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After months of anticipation, Agents of Mayhem has finally hit and... it's something. Paul and Nathan dive in to the reality of Volition's latest title, and how it measures up to their expectations. The team also discussion the upcoming release of Destiny 2, while Nathan explores the free to play mobile dress-up game, Love Nikki.

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In this latest episode, the team slap on construction hats and get to building in both Fortnite, and Kingdoms and Castles. Paul also weighs in on the mayo / ketchup debate with Splatoon 2. Warning: May contain traces of Paula Abdul. 

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With Ben returning from a 5 week stint in Europe, the team is finally back together again. Paul explores life as a monster hunter in the original The Witcher, Nathan channels John Wick in SUPERHOT VR and prepares Max to lose friends in anticipation of his first game of Diplomacy.

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With E3 now behind us, the team deliver their own hot takes on what they thought of this years announcements. In addition Paul gives his thoughts on Nintendo's Arms while Nathan delves into the metal prehistoric world of Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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It’s Persona time (much to Ben’s chagrin) so Max jumps into Atlus’ latest poppy JRPG while Paul tries to survive the harsh world of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Gritty survival and heart stealing thieves? It’s a mix we can only call Toxic.

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The Switch is out and, most importantly, so is the latest Zelda installment. Join the crew as Paul and Nathan gush over Link's latest outing while Paul also discusses an incredibly intriguing live game experience he walked through while in Boston for the most recent PAX East. We also take time to discuss amusing moments in the world of game PR.

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max discuss the rise and eventually fall of Pokemon GO, surges in popularity and how the model of a game impacts how we play. We answer some listener email, and give thanks to our mates at Games Lab and Gamebug.

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In this episode, Paul, Ben and Nathan discuss Pokemon Go as the catch and release 'em up hits smartphones across Australia, how European developed B-grade 'renovator's dream' games scratch that itch and deliver memorable experiences with The Technomancer, and we answer listener email on the subject of lost saves of our past. Thanks to Games Laboratory and

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max speculate on E3 announcements and make up some of our own, Nathan explains world domination done right with Twilight Struggle, Paul shares tales of his time as Ryu, world warrior and Head of State for Japan in a PULP Mega Game. We answer some listener email, cheers to everyone who came to our live show, and thanks to our mates at Games Laboratory and Remember to visit to watch our Live! episode 100.

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Join Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max alongside a live studio audience for the 100th episode of The Fourth Player podcast; the video is available at and We discuss the origin story of how the show started four years ago, declare the top 10 games of all time, and battle the audience in gaming trivia. With live listener emails, and a drinking game; it's our best video episode ever. Hosted at Games Laboratory, and available on

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max discuss Naughty Dog's final chapter in Sony's series with Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, and talk about the evolution of advertising for videogames; we lurched from stylised box art to tasteless commercials in the nineties and naughties, and the role of personality-led criticism for games today. We answer some great listener email, and discuss final plans for our live recording in front of an audience for episode 100 on June 4, 2016. Thanks to Plantronics, and Games Laboratory. 

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max talk Blizzard's beta for arena shooter Overwatch, and discuss how offering early and extended access to audiences impacts the way we see and play games. Max makes tracks with Mini Metro on steam, and we talk about plans for our upcoming live 100th episode taking place June 4 at Games Laboratory in Melbourne. Thanks to our friends at and Plantronics.

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In this episode, Paul, Ben and Nathan are joined by returning guest Steve Heller from Surprise Attack and Pixels for Breakfast to talk Remedy Entertainment's Quantum Break, and how it measures up to their previous offerings Max Payne and Alan Wake. We talk about Witch Beam's delightful twin stick shooter Assault Android Cactus, and muse on the state of play for Sony's handheld market; a Whodunnit on the death of the PlayStation Vita. We answer some great listener email, and provide updates on our live show for episode 100, set for June 4 at Games Laboratory in Melbourne. Thanks to Games Lab, and Plantronics. 

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In this episode, Paul, Ben and Nathan form a post-Easter break trinity to talk sick adventures, farming and questionable genocide in Stardew Valley, cunning linguists and animal training in FarCry Primal, and ponder the fate of VR at the launch of the Occulus Rift. We answer some listener email, talk about exciting plans for our live 100th episode set for June 4 in Melbourne, and learn of Nathan's virtual wife. Thanks to our friends at Games Laboratory, and Plantronics.

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In this episode, Paul, Nath and Max are joined by the dulcet tones and fabuolous hair of returning guest Tim Best from Mighty Games to qualify human suffering in Ubisoft Massive's The Division. Drawing on experiences from Fallout: New Vegas, Diplomacy, D&D, Pathfinder, FarCry Primal, Survivor ORGs and Ultima Online, we discuss how games best represent threat and treachery, and how AI and players instil dread by aping our own dark behaviours. We're not gon diss you in the Dark Zone. Cause our mamas taught us better than that. Thanks to our friends at Games Laboratory and

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In this episode, Paul, Ben and Nathan butt-tackle topics alongside returning guest Daniel "BezerkDC" Chlebowczyk including public and critical response to Street Fighter V. Discussing the state of play for games-as-service including Splatoon and Street Fighter, the crew also talk about puzzling through The Witness, SEGA's latest grab for attention, and which Kevin Spacey runs the world in Advanced Warfare. Thanks to our friends at Plantronics, and Games Laboratory. 

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max address the rise of the auteur with the release of first-person puzzler The Witness and first-person walker Firewatch. In the footsteps of Myst and Gone Home, these two games have captured conversation and we talk about how their development impacts what they offer as an experience. We answer listener email on the biggest let down we've experienced in pre-release hype. Thanks to our friends at, Games Laboratory and Plantronics.   

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This episode, Nathan, Ben and Paul head to PAX AUS 2015! Join the team as they speak to a variety of developers at Australia's biggest games expo. We speak to Naughty Dog about the hotly anticipated Uncharted 4, uncover a massive wealth of talent in Australia's indy scene and Ben has not one but two close encounters with sharks.

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In this epiode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max get together to talk Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain and what it brings to the storied series, and muse on Paul's antics/adventures in Seattle for PAX Prime 2015. We answers some listener emails and twitter questions too! Thanks to our sponsors Games Laboratory and our friends at Party Hard, folks.

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max talk adventure games and what makes them special, driven by the latest King's Quest release from The Odd Gentlemen. Paul is off to PAX Prime, and we answer some listener email on the topic of eddible Pokemon. Thanks to and our sponsor Games Laboratory.

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) sit down to chat about the latest ineration of Rocksteady Studio's series, Batman Arkham Knight. The group topic this week is game franchises like Batman that have been passed around different development studios; for better and for worse. We answer some great and questionable listener email. Thanks to our friends at and our sponsors Games Laboratory. Nathan loves the Wii Fit lady trainer, the outro proves it.

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With Paul in Japan, Max, Ben and Nathan are joined by freelance journalist extraordinaire, Joab Gilroy, to discuss the highs and lows of the recent E3 conference in LA. With their fill of the Good ole US of A, the team don their truck caps and head east for the sights and sounds of Euro Truck Simulator 2.

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In this episode, Paul, Nathan and Max (dshban) are joined by veteran PC PowerPlay scribe Terrance Jarrad to talk squid, specifically Nintendo's new IP and surprising online third person shooter Splatoon. Group topic this week is whether innovations in hardware and technology help or hinder a developer's creativity in making games. We answer some wonderful listener email, and thanks to our sponsor Games Laboratory and partners at

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) discuss The Witcher: Wild Hunt, the third game in the beloved roleplaying series from developer CD Projekt Red, what we do with old games, and how nostalgia plays a role in what we keep, trade and give away. Reader email includes accessibility in game design to cater to wider audiences, and questionable decisions for what to wear to a videogame party. Thanks to our partners at and sponsors at Games Laboratory.  

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) discuss the latest kategory leader in fighting games with Mortal Kombat X, and where is sits within the genre and series. The topic is downloadable content and how it is shaping how people consume and develop games, and how current trends indicate possible changes in the industry. We also answer some fantastic listener email. Thanks to our sponsor Games Laboratory and partner Everything with Kays.

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In this episode, Paul, Nathan, Max (dshban) are joined by returning guest and Many Monkeys Development's Tim Best to discuss life as a independent game developer in the wake of 2K Australia's closure, boogie with Crypt of the NecroDancer, ponder solo play in the Mario Party series, and answer listener email about the introduction of paid mods for Steam.

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In this episode, Paul, Nathan and Max (dshban) discuss the rise, role and responsibility of YouTubers, don aviators and Narc it up in Battlefield: Hardline, question the distinct flavour of Bloodborne against the Souls series, share our darkest moments involving Paula Abdul, and answer some delightful listener emails. Thanks to our sponsor Games Laboratory and our partners at

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The Fourth Player is a videogame podcast from the mouths and minds of people from the land of the videogame, where a collection of current and former developers, marketers, journalists and players talk about the games they love and loathe.

In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) discuss getting started in the games industry when writing about games as a critic or journalist, bloodlust after Bloodborne in Miyazaki's homecoming to FromSoftware, muse on oral history told through games in Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna), and answer some wonderful listener email. Thanks to our partners at and our sponsor Games Laboratory. 

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Welcome to The Fourth Player, a videogame podcast from the mouths and minds of people from the land of the videogame. We're a collection of current and former developers, publishers journalists and players, who talk about the games we love and loathe.

On this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) talk zoning and megalomania in Paradox Industrie's Cities: Skylines, discuss the rush toward 4 v 1 multiplayer in Turtle Rock Studio's Evolve, chat abou the role PR plays in the videogame industry while answering some great listener email. Thanks to our sponsor Games Laboratory, and we are pleased to announced our new partnership with Australian videogame website

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In this episode, Paul, Nathan, Ben and returning special guest current game developer and former journalist Tim Best discuss upcoming Obsidian Entertainment RPG Pillars of Eternity, and the importance of endings in video games; when mechanics are married to narrative conclusions. Games referenced in the discussion include Brothers, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, Halo Reach, Shenmue II, Shadows of Mordor, Watch_Dogs. In our email segment we answer a listener challenge to fantasy book E3 as a WWE event. Thanks to Games Laboratory and John Paul Young.

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In this episode, Paul, Nathan, Ben and returning special guest current game developer and former journalist Tim Best discuss great examples of videogames which succeed in outshining the established universes on which they are based, heap praise on the doodalicious Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten, and solve puzzles while marvelling at elegant design with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Other topics include Planescape: Torment, Rocksteady's Batman series, Starbreeze's Riddick games, and LucasArt's Star Wars games. 

In the first episode of 2015, Paul, Nathan and Max are joined by special guest Tim Best to talk about what should stay, start and stop in videogames this year. We scrollsideways, hacking and slashing with Code of Pricess, and trade taxes of carbon while exploding cars in Diplomacy 3.

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max attend gaming and community event PAX Aus 2014, speaking to people working on games including Never Alone, Battlecry, Smite, and Hand of Fate. Guests include RPG veteran Mark Morrison, freelance journalists Jason Imms and Joab Gilroy, Luke and Kev from Critical Hit, and Shayne from Games Laboratory.

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In preparation for PAX AUS, Paul, Nathan and Ben are joined by PAX Event Organiser Guy 'Yug' Blomberg to talk about what is in store for the upcoming three day games and community expo occurring in Melbourne.  The team is split with Nathan and Paul falling in love with the hair magic of Bayonetta 2, while Ben and Yug wax intellectual about strategic Orc murdering in Shadows of Mordor.

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In this episode the Fourth Player team explore the pros and cons of short games versus long and how our lives impact our desire for either. In addition Ben explores the bro-ariffic Expendabros while Paul and Nathan get their mitts dirty in Nintendo’s latest addition to the Smash Bros. franchise.