The Fourth Player video game podcast

After a little hiatus, the fourth player team is back and better than ever... or at least, the same as ever. Which is still good right?

In this episode Ben regales us with his time in Fortnite, Paul scratches his action RPG itch with Inquisitor and the team discuss the techniques games use to maintain long term play.

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Cute little piggies, giant dragons and more body part based weaponry than a David Cronenberg film. Yes, Monster Hunter is back. In addition to discussing the latest entry in Capcom's storied franchise, Paul, Ben and Nathan give their thoughts on the Nintendo Labo and the delightful narrative mobile game Florence. 

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It’s 2018 and the team is back with a brand-new episode. Listen as Max regales all with his attempts to re-enact as much as Persona 5 as possible during his trip to Japan. For his part, Nathan talks about life as a vacuum cleaner in Rumu; in addition to his strange forays into the terrifying world of Doki Doki Literature Club. To round things off, the team discuss what’s getting them hot under the collar for games in 2018. Happy new year!

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With 2017 coming to a close for The Fourth Player team, the guys have gotten together to let you know their thoughts on the year overall, and to highlight their personal top five games for the year. Merry Christmas!

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PAX is over for another year, in lieu of our usual on the ground coverage, the team take the time to reflect on their experiences. In addition, the crew discuss the recently released Hand of Fate 2, Shadow of War and hat game of the year, Mario Odyssey.

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With Nathan off ingesting miniature paints or something, it's up to the rest of the team to dig deep into the open world of NBA 2K 2018 while Max regales everyone with tales of debauchery from his related press trip. In addition Ben gets a master class in eSports and seemingly comes out none-the-wiser for it. Contains traces of Boyz 2 Men.

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After months of anticipation, Agents of Mayhem has finally hit and... it's something. Paul and Nathan dive in to the reality of Volition's latest title, and how it measures up to their expectations. The team also discussion the upcoming release of Destiny 2, while Nathan explores the free to play mobile dress-up game, Love Nikki.

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In this latest episode, the team slap on construction hats and get to building in both Fortnite, and Kingdoms and Castles. Paul also weighs in on the mayo / ketchup debate with Splatoon 2. Warning: May contain traces of Paula Abdul. 

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With Ben returning from a 5 week stint in Europe, the team is finally back together again. Paul explores life as a monster hunter in the original The Witcher, Nathan channels John Wick in SUPERHOT VR and prepares Max to lose friends in anticipation of his first game of Diplomacy.

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With E3 now behind us, the team deliver their own hot takes on what they thought of this years announcements. In addition Paul gives his thoughts on Nintendo's Arms while Nathan delves into the metal prehistoric world of Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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