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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) sit down to chat about the latest ineration of Rocksteady Studio's series, Batman Arkham Knight. The group topic this week is game franchises like Batman that have been passed around different development studios; for better and for worse. We answer some great and questionable listener email. Thanks to our friends at and our sponsors Games Laboratory. Nathan loves the Wii Fit lady trainer, the outro proves it.

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max talk false starts with the release of Driveclub on PlayStation Plus and how Evolution Studio's racer marks a black spot for future driving games, and discuss the enormous impact recently deceased Nintendo CEO and programmer Satoru Iwata had on the games industry and how his vision helped shape Nintendo. We answer some listener email and Nathan has a sharp haircut. Thanks to our sponsors Games Laboratory and our friends at



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Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) return to talk indie game darling and FMV torchbearer Her Story, the rise and rise in popularity of non-traditional games like FEZ and Gone Home development, and we answer some wonderfully strange listener emails. Paul talks about his recent adventures in Japan. Thanks to our sponsors Games Laboratory and our friends at

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With Paul in Japan, Max, Ben and Nathan are joined by freelance journalist extraordinaire, Joab Gilroy, to discuss the highs and lows of the recent E3 conference in LA. With their fill of the Good ole US of A, the team don their truck caps and head east for the sights and sounds of Euro Truck Simulator 2.

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In this episode, Paul, Nathan and Max (dshban) are joined by veteran PC PowerPlay scribe Terrance Jarrad to talk squid, specifically Nintendo's new IP and surprising online third person shooter Splatoon. Group topic this week is whether innovations in hardware and technology help or hinder a developer's creativity in making games. We answer some wonderful listener email, and thanks to our sponsor Games Laboratory and partners at

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) discuss The Witcher: Wild Hunt, the third game in the beloved roleplaying series from developer CD Projekt Red, what we do with old games, and how nostalgia plays a role in what we keep, trade and give away. Reader email includes accessibility in game design to cater to wider audiences, and questionable decisions for what to wear to a videogame party. Thanks to our partners at and sponsors at Games Laboratory.  

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In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) discuss the latest kategory leader in fighting games with Mortal Kombat X, and where is sits within the genre and series. The topic is downloadable content and how it is shaping how people consume and develop games, and how current trends indicate possible changes in the industry. We also answer some fantastic listener email. Thanks to our sponsor Games Laboratory and partner Everything with Kays.

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In this episode, Paul, Nathan, Max (dshban) are joined by returning guest and Many Monkeys Development's Tim Best to discuss life as a independent game developer in the wake of 2K Australia's closure, boogie with Crypt of the NecroDancer, ponder solo play in the Mario Party series, and answer listener email about the introduction of paid mods for Steam.

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In this episode, Paul, Nathan and Max (dshban) discuss the rise, role and responsibility of YouTubers, don aviators and Narc it up in Battlefield: Hardline, question the distinct flavour of Bloodborne against the Souls series, share our darkest moments involving Paula Abdul, and answer some delightful listener emails. Thanks to our sponsor Games Laboratory and our partners at

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The Fourth Player is a videogame podcast from the mouths and minds of people from the land of the videogame, where a collection of current and former developers, marketers, journalists and players talk about the games they love and loathe.

In this episode, Paul, Ben, Nathan and Max (dshban) discuss getting started in the games industry when writing about games as a critic or journalist, bloodlust after Bloodborne in Miyazaki's homecoming to FromSoftware, muse on oral history told through games in Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna), and answer some wonderful listener email. Thanks to our partners at and our sponsor Games Laboratory. 

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